29 januari 2010

Winter in America

Stop the Trial of Geert Wilders A Dutch court is forced to compare Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' and the Quran. Lees het artikel : The Wall Street Journal

* Charles Edwards wrote:

It seems clear that Mr. de Winter's montivation for wanting the trial stopped is like most "dhmmiwit" westerners, he is afraid of offending Muslims at all costs. He knows that thousands will riot at the slightest provocation if anyone even breathes a hint of a syllable of criticism about the workings of their pervert prophet. What did he expect? Did he really expect Wilder's defense to be a constitutional arguement of the merits and definitions of free speech? Of course Wilder's woud defend himself by proving that his words were correct - and they weren't targeted against a people. They were against a belief. How can that possibly be discrimination?

Western mainstream media and politicians have been screamingly silent when it comes to saying, publishing or airing anything remotely criticical of the root cause of so much horror in the world today - ISLAM. Not "militant" Islam - but Islam itself. Mohammad ordered murders. He ordered terror. And, he ordered hatred, and the claims that such words within the Qur'an and Haddiths are taken out of context show themselves to be totally bogus when one studies about the actions of Mohammad himself. He exemplified exactly what he meant. He was a thief, mass murderer, torturer, enslaver, oppresser and child molester - all charges documented by Islam's own holy books. His message had absolutely nothing to do with God, and God had nothing to do with him. He was a liar and an manipulative opportunist, and Muslims are the biggest victims of his satanic legacy. It is high time that the west bring this truth to the front page and prime time! We need to wake up and tell it like it is, and this trial will help to do just that. GO WILDERS!